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Here at The Veteran Bushido Brotherhood, we look to get you back into environments that push you, both mentally and physically. We want to help get you introduced to the plethora of fitness communities that exist near you! Activities like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and CrossFit are just a few of the options that we will support. Positive communities with activities that push us to be better!

Once you qualify, we will get you connected with a gym. We then cover the membership fees associated with that gym for the first three (3) months. If equipment is needed, we will help to provide what’s necessary to get you started. Things like a jiu-jitsu gi, rash guard, shoes, or gloves could be covered by our program.

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In order to qualify, veterans need to have been honorably discharged. Once verified, we begin the interview process to see if you are a fit for our program. After qualification, we get you set up with a local gym, pay the initial fees, and provide equipment to help set you on a path to success! We hope that this helps set you up for continued improvement and a positive lifestyle!

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