veteran bushido brotherhood

providing resources to veterans to help improve their lives!

The Veteran Bushido Brotherhood is here to help veterans using fitness and community as tools to heal the mind and body. Our founder, Jeric Fry, proudly served as a Marine for 9 years, through multiple deployments. He understands exactly what someone leaving the service is faced with when coming home. Our veterans feel alone, disconnected, and forgotten.

In the military, we learn that misery loves company and that the struggle is what brings people together. When we return, the struggle seems to be gone and the community that surrounded us went with it.

Here at The Veteran Bushido Brotherhood, we look to get you back into environments that push you, both mentally and physically. We want to help get you introduced to the plethora of fitness communities that exist near you! Activities like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and CrossFit are just a few of the options that we will support. Positive communities with activities that push us to be better!